Website Design Trends to keep in Mind in 2022

Website Design Trends
Having a website is not just enough. Making a website user-friendly is of utmost importance. Your website is your online identity and a tool to generate sales online. It just can’t be an ordinary website. In today’s time, as per the data, almost 75% of people use the internet for service and product purchases. You just can’t afford to lose your business identity by having an ordinary website. All your online marketing efforts like search engine optimization activities, pay-per-click activities, content marketing, and email marketing activities point users back to your website. Hence having an awesome and robust website indeed plays a vital role in brand identity and generating revenue for the business. In today’s blog, we will understand website design trends for 2022(Top tips by Cobit Digital’s Expert team) that will help you to make your website beautiful and user friendly.

What is the importance of a website?

The Internet is booming in 2022 and people understand the importance of having a website for their business and digital presence. With brick and mortar locations you can connect with a limited audience, however with a website you can reach millions of people. Hence making your website user-friendly is very essential. According to Site Efy, 1.18 billion websites are there in the world as of today. More than 50,000 websites are created each day. This number can even increase in the coming days due to COVID-19 after effects. During the pandemic, people were restricted to travel or visit stores so they moved online and started purchasing from websites. Having a website has many benefits:
  • It increases brand identity 
  • It increases sales and revenue
  • It increases business reach
  • It increases the credibility of the business
Hence if you don’t have a website, consider choosing a web design agency in Austin to make an awesome website for your business.

Importance of mobile-friendly website

When you think about the latest design trends for 2022, the first and foremost thing to consider is making a website mobile-friendly because mobile browsing is the next future. As per Google statistics, 69 percent of visitors prefer responsive website design. Users must get a seamless mobile experience when they visit your website. If there are any lacking web elements that do not open properly or fit on a small screen, then it leaves a bad impression on the business. Once a customer is lost, it is lost and never comes back.  Hence all small to large business owners must consider upgrading their website to make it mobile-friendly. A few best practices you can keep in mind are:
  • Readability of the font and content
  • Web elements synchronization
  • Prioritize the element and sections
  • Placement of CTA buttons
  • Fast load time of the page
Web design trends change from time to time, consider hiring a web design agency in Austin to keep you up with the latest standards and trends for websites.

The first impression is the last impression

You get only one chance to make a first impression. People will judge many things from your website. You have to stand out and can’t take the risk of losing customers just because your website is ordinary and missing the important factors. It just takes a few milliseconds for a visitor to make an impression about your business from your website. No matter how much better service or product you sell, if your website design is poor, you will lose customers. Websites should be less complex in visual standards and there should be proper navigation. Your website should catch the user’s attention within the first look. When you hire a professional web design agency in Austin for your website design, ask them to take the below points into consideration:
  • Keep breadcrumbs for easy navigation
  • UI should be eye catch
  • Visuals and fonts must load properly 
  • Keep minimal information
  • Make it less crowded

Website speed optimization is important

According to web design stats 2022, over 49% of web users expect pages to load quickly for them. A well-created web page loads faster and thus provides a better user experience. The ideal page load time should be less than 3 seconds. The user just goes away if it takes longer than this time. It is the best and foremost SEO factor to consider while you are performing organic SEO services and activities. Web pages that take a longer time to load will increase the bounce rate of the website. Implement AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to overcome slow load for mobile and tablets. Google indexes AMP pages for a faster and more reliable experience. You can check if your web page AMP is valid or not here on Google for free. Users tend to bounce and navigate to other sites if your website takes a longer time to load. Keeping all things aside, the first and foremost part should be increasing website load time. Few factors to consider on how to increase page speed:
  • Implement CDN for Caching
  • Remove unwanted code files
  • Leverage browser caching 
  • Minify your CSS and JavaScript
  • Choose a faster server
  • Deactivate and remove unused plugins
  • Optimize all images on the page. You can use Tiny JPG, a free tool to compress image size.
Few services are highly technical and can be done by expert web developers, hence you can opt for the best web design company in Austin to optimize the website first before performing any digital marketing services and activities.

Improve the online shopping experience

If you are running an e-commerce web store, shopping experience matters. As per web design stats 2022, 65% of users prefer smooth and easy shopping on websites. If your website has a lot of steps before any user makes the payment then the user journey is not smooth and the user tends to get frustrated. Keep only essential steps like choosing from the category, adding to the cart, putting in a Wishlist, opt-in payment modes, etc. only to keep the buying journey less complicated.  Keep navigation easy by implementing breadcrumbs on the website. Check recent ways to optimize the shopping experience:
  • Implement guest purchase and remove the mandatory sign up process
  • Store address and payment option of recurring customers to make their transaction prompt.
  • Make product categories and tags.
  • Optimize the product images to load faster on the detail page.
  • Keep multiple product checkouts instead of single product checkouts.
Above are the few areas in which you can implement them on your website to make the user shopping experience smooth and easy.


Search engines regularly update their algorithm and make changes to the latest trend. Since the website is an essential element for your business, it can’t be just ignored. Work with an award-winning web design agency in Austin like Corbit Digital Marketing Agency to improve your website performance and increase its conversion rate. Many small business owners do not pay attention to the latest trends and due to this their website becomes outdated and which affects sales and ROI. Even they choose cheaper web design agencies and companies who give them a low quality of service and are not up to date with the latest web design trends in 2022. Professional web design agencies offer great services and keep your website with the latest trends. These agencies make a strategy by keeping the latest website design trends for 2022 and keeping you ahead of the competition. Although the cost can be a little higher than your budget, surely that will increase your conversions and ROI over time.

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