7 Essential Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

Conversion Rate Optimization agency

In today’s digital world, just having a website might not be enough. There are numerous digital marketing methods using which you can increase our customer ratio. Getting customers from the website is more important for us. 

Conversion Rate Optimization services is one of the ways of digital marketing.

What conversion rate should be the best? The best answer of this question can be: A conversion rate better than the last month.

Chances are that you ’re doing the right thing, If you continually look at ways to boost conversion rate and continually tweak and improve your marketing efforts. Always strive to do better and while you do, you will be able to act swiftly if something goes wrong and your conversion rates drop instead of rise.

Before going to understand what are the best tips to increase conversion rate, lets understand a little basic of it.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization in digital marketing?

Everyone wants their website to gain more users and customers which will then generate more sales and revenue. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process to increase the percentage of users who perform an action on a website. This action can be of anything like adding a product to cart, buying a product, filling out the forms, clicking on buttons, signing up for any services, etc.

Either you have a E-Commerce selling website or a simple content driven form filling website, CRO will constantly be on the top of the table when it comes to growing your organisation. 

In simple words CRO is a way of increasing users to your website. 

When there will be more users, the chances are more to gain customers. 

Here you need to understand that users and customers are different.

Users are those who land on your website and if any user likes your service or product then they purchase it thus becoming your customer. CRO is a method which increases your website users. There are many CRO agency in Austin who provide services to their customers by implementing CRO techniques. 

What is SEO and CRO?

SEO and CRO both are integral parts of digital marketing services. 

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the digital marketing technique through which you increase your website’s rankings in search engines organically.

When your website ranks higher on search engines then it is viewed more and as a result hit rate increases that leads to more conversion and purchase. 

CRO, or conversion rate optimization, is the process in which UI/UX of a website has been tested and improved. CRO agency’s make websites more user friendly and search engine friendly so that it gets better results organically and thus increasing lead counts, conversions and generating more business.

Why do we need a Conversion Rate Optimization Service?

CRO service is all about reducing the gap of making a website visitor into a customer by solving critical issues and implementing the most beneficial techniques.

Most common and useful CRO activities

  • Webpage content Optimization
  • User friendly UI/UX
  • Increase Page Speed
  • Analysis of user journey on website
  • Testing and segmentation
  • Competitors analysis
  • Forms and pop-ups testing
  • Website backend structure analysis 
  • Removal of deprecated code and functions
  • Personalization and Branding
  • Expert usability review

Lets Understand the 7 essential CRO Tips

1. Website Design (UI)

Having a website is as similar as having a front store. Website becomes your business online reputation and thus relates to your brand. A nicely designed website can generate brand authenticity, increase visitors trust, and make a good impression to visitors. It also helps you nurture website inquiry’s and thus converting them into a paying customer. Every visitor wants a smooth interaction with their process and thus making a great user experience website helps you drive more customers.

Not all websites need a revamp. An award winning no one conversion rate optimization agency in Austin like Corbit Digital helps you with a few tweaks that can save your time and money from revamping your entire website.

2. Website Content Optimization

Does your web page’s content match with the search intent? 

It is utmost important to keep the content of webpages upto the mark and matches with your potential customers search intent. 

Imagine you want to buy a burger from a popular food store in Austin and when you land on a website you find them offering Coffee and fruit juices but not burgers. What would be your reaction?

Google uses various factors to evaluate which pages rank for various search results and Google wants to display results that answer users’ search queries and give a proper and clear user experience (UX). In 2022, Google does a better job than ever at matching people with the information they will find most valuable. Hence, if you want to rank in top search page results and convert visitors into customers, your web pages content should match to users search intent.

3. Website Navigation and Breadcrumbs

How’s the navigation on your website? Do visitors find and navigate easily to what they want from your website?

Ask these questions to yourself and try to do a dry run on your website considering yourself as a natural visitor.

Looking at the site’s layout is important. Looking at where you ’re sending your visitors is also important. Because every single page on your website is a potential doorway for new customers, you want to look at where they might land after they arrive. Is it an infinite loop? 

Do you have any call to action buttons? Is breadcrumbs available in your navigation so that once someone goes far, they can find their way back to base? Is there a call to action above the fold or after the fold? There’s a lot to consider. A proper website navigation can help visitors to go and dig as far as they can and when they want to reach to base they can do that easily.  It’s like using Google navigation when you want to travel. CRO experts who work for conversion rate optimization agency’s help you create website breadcrumbs and proper navigation.

4. CTA Buttons and Web Forms

CTA buttons are known as call to action buttons that we should use in websites or landing pages to guide visitors towards your goal conversion. You want visitors to interact with your website and for that purpose there should be clear and sufficient CTA buttons.

The text of the CTA button should be catchy and prompt visitors to click on it to take the action. CRO Experts help in creating text and placing the right CTA button at the right place. 

Expert Tip: Perform Split test with various text on your webpage CTA buttons as well as location. The button can be fine but the text on it could be more compelling / less compelling.

What if a user fills out the form but the form does not submit and shows an error?

Nobody wants to land in such an awful scenario. This is a critical part too. Because your user wants to convey a message but the form does not work. This leaves a bad impression in visitors’ minds and they will leave your website. A lost and unsatisfied visitor will never come back and so keeping a form working is of utmost importance. 

There can be various reasons of form not working like

* Cache issue

* Deprecated form functions

* An update on form plugin

* Missing attribute

Web forms should be tested at regular intervals to avoid getting into such a situation. 

5. Social Media URLs

Do you have a social media profile of your business?

Social media is booming and having a social profile of your business is very essential. Social media buttons should be placed in websites so that visitors can navigate and visit your social media profiles. It helps to increase followers which in turn can become your paying customer. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. are the platforms where you should create accounts and place your profile url’s into your website.

6. Stand alone landing pages

Your business might be having various offers and discounts in festivals and special days. To convey the message to your users, you should create landing pages that have all the information regarding the offer and its validity. This is a great part of capturing users attention and gaining more visitors. 

A single landing page created for any offer or discount can generate more sales then even an entire website. 

Expert Tip: Create a compelling landing page for any upcoming special day and put all necessary information regarding it. Share the landing page url in your social media accounts and even use CRO experts to perform Google Ads, Facebook Ads to gain more visitors.

7. Relevant Web pages

Web Pages should be relevant to your business and services that you offer. Keeping irrelevant pages on the website will be like a junk page and will be of no use. This also creates confusion in visitors’ minds. It’s not important to keep more pages on the website. But rather try to keep only what is necessary and essential.

A website should be neat and clear without any irrelevant pages. There is no need to make your website bulky instead keep simple and crisp. 


Regularly check your website visitor flow and also test how your website performs on various devices from large to small. It is also important to keep your web page load time less. Google / Bing considers this as an important factor and ranks accordingly in search engines. Constant split testing on web pages forms, CTA button placement will help you well in your marketing efforts.

If you don’t have enough manpower and time to perform this frequently than hire CRO experts of Corbit Digital which is an award winning conversion rate optimization agency in Austin, you can get free consultation on how to increase your conversion rate of the website. Contact now to grow your sales/revenue of the business.

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